Can your organisation join the fight against plastic pollution? Do you want to invest in cleaner oceans? Are you keen to support local initiatives to make our beaches better for wildlife and humans? 

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss ways you could support Project Planet Earth.

Social responsibility

Many organisations recognise their responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future and to minimise their environmental impact. Investing in cleaner oceans is one way you can fulfil your social and environmental responsibilities.


Investing in ocean conservation and cleaning initiatives can foster innovation and collaboration between businesses, governments, and non-governmental organisations. This collaboration can lead to new technologies, best practices and partnerships that benefit both the environment and the economy.

Brand reputation

Businesses that are seen as environmentally responsible may enjoy better brand reputation and public perception. By investing in cleaner oceans, you can demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and protecting marine wildlife and habitats.

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Ocean Guardians

Find out how you can join the fight against plastic pollution by becoming an Ocean Guardian.


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