As a child Oly was a successful competitive club swimmer and the passion for swimming and the water has never gone away. He loves the sea and is passionate about minimising the impact we have on the oceans. Last year Oly swam 100 miles in 10 days raising money for this cause and this year’s challenge is even bigger. He’s currently looking for a sponsor (or sponsors) to cover the costs of this year’s swim in order that all money raised can go directly to the charity. Last years swim can be found under the hashtag #swimjurassic

This year’s CHALLENGE 2022

In May 2022, Oliver Rush will attempt a world-record nonstop swim around the entire Island of Grand Cayman. His feat aims to raise awareness to combat plastic pollution.

In partnership, Plastic Free Cayman & Project Planet will host a series of community events leading up to the record-breaking swim.