The story of Project Planet Earth

Project Planet Earth began with Oly Rush…and a trip to a deserted cove. It was 2018. Oly was working as a plasterer by day and renovating his home in the evenings. He was stressed, exhausted and at the point of burn-out. He took a day off to go surfing, and although he didn’t find any surf, he did find a new purpose in life – fighting plastic pollution. 

Five years later, Oly has organised countless beach cleans, visited schools and done extreme swims to raise funds and awareness. His endless positivity and enthusiasm have inspired a team of people and organisations to support him.

“Looking back today, that day for me, was the turning point, it was the point in my life when I realised the true extent of the damage we were causing to the planet, by living the ‘normal’ lives we live. Also the damage I was causing to myself, living at 100 miles an hour.”


June 2018

The story begins with Oly’s first beach clean

Aug 2020

Oly swims the entire length of the Jurassic Coast

Aug 2021

Fastest non-stop swim around the Isle of Wight

May 2022

First ever non-stop swim around Grand Cayman

Sept 2023

Oly will attempt to swim non-stop around Ithaca