Education and awareness

Only by working together can we make a difference in the fight against plastic pollution. Through our school visits, public beach cleans, extreme swims and insightful blogs, we are raising awareness of the problem and inspiring others to join us.

25 School talks

We educate children and nurture future eco-warriors.

50 Meetups

We inspire people by organising beach cleans and talks.


We use social media to share Oly’s daily experiences.


Chasing the distance: Tips for swimming long distances in open water

Swimming long distances in open water can be a challenging and rewarding experience for those who are physically and mentally prepared. Unlike swimming in a pool, open water swimming requires dealing with changing water conditions such as waves, currents, and temperature, which can make the swim more difficult. Swimmers should also be aware of the potential hazards of open water swimming, such as marine life and boats.

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