Jurassic Coast Swim 2020 #swimjurassic

100 mile swim along the stunning Jurassic Coastline! A 10 day swim adventure. Roy Beal was in charge of kayak safety, tide planning and pretty much everything else(other than swimming!)on this multi day event. Oly was also supported along the way by family and friends, without this the swim wouldn’t have been possible.

The swim started at Exmouth in Devon and was due to finish at Middle Beach in Studland, the first viable exit point after Old Harry Rocks which marks the end of the Jurassic Coast. However….after arriving at Studland and realising if they were to do another 13 miles, they would hit the 100 mile mark! Day 10…the intrepid duo exceeded their goal, both in distance and in total money raised. Ending the swim at Highcliffe.

This swim would mark the start of an exciting journey for Oly as an endurance swimmer. Openwaterpedia link – Oly Rush


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