This year’s CHALLENGE 2021

This year’s swim challenge is even bigger than last years… swimming solo around the Isle of Wight! To make it even more challenging Oly will be attempting to set a World Record time of sub 26hrs. This swim has only been completed 4 times previously.

The swim starts and finishes in the vicinity of Seaview and is
65 miles long. So far we have an exciting team coming together wit with Scott Dawson, who successfully completed the swim in 2016 (in around 26hrs) and world record holding sailor Brian Thompson! The pair worked together on the 2016 swim and have invaluable knowledge on the tides around the island.

Olys training plan has been written out by Marc Newman, a highly respected and multiple record holding open water swimmer. The intense training programme will see training swims as long as 12
hours and up to 6 days a week. Oly will also have perfomance nutrition expert David Starr PhD(c) CSCS
CISSN from working closely to ensure he is fully fuelled up for this ultra swim.

Isle of White Swim 2021#swimIOWplasticfight

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