This year’s CHALLENGE 2021

This year’s swim challenge is even bigger than last years… swimming solo around the Isle of Wight! To make it even more challenging Oly will be attempting to set a World Record time of sub 26hrs. This swim has only been completed 4 times previously.

The swim starts and finishes in the vicinity of Seaview and is
65 miles long. So far we have an exciting team coming together wit with Scott Dawson, who successfully completed the swim in 2016 (in around 26hrs) and world record holding sailor Brian Thompson! The pair worked together on the 2016 swim and have invaluable knowledge on the tides around the island.

Olys training plan has been written out by Marc Newman, a highly respected and multiple record holding open water swimmer. The intense training programme will see training swims as long as 12
hours and up to 6 days a week. Oly will also have perfomance nutrition expert David Starr PhD(c) CSCS
CISSN from working closely to ensure he is fully fuelled up for this ultra swim.

Isle of White Swim 2021#swimIOWplasticfight

Oly Rush Completes Isle of Wight Circumnavigation Swim


Oliver ‘Oly’ Rush completed a 96.6 km circumnavigation charity swim around the Isle of Wight off the southern coast of England on August 22nd – 23rd in 15 hours 9 minutes, smashing the current wetsuit record held by Scott Dawson by over 10 hours. “My motivation is a shared love for the ocean and a passion to protect it from our convenient plastic-wrapped lifestyle. Plastic pollution is huge issue and we all need to take responsibility ...

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_projectplanet_ made it on to Skynews - woohoo! It just keeps getting better and better. 🤩 Well done Oly, seeing the word spread about your amazing achievement makes us so happy at Warrior! In case you were wondering, around 3.7 million people would have tuned in and watched you 😏🙌
#swimiowplasticfight #ecowarrior #noplastic #saveouroceans #skynews #charity

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Some more great coverage from of the all-round super human _projectplanet_ 💪 AND he’s already managed to raise over £8000 which will go directly to anti-pollution charities! There is still time to support Oly by heading to _projectplanet_and you'll see his JustGiving page linked in the bio 🔗
#swimiowplasticfight #ecowarrior #noplastic #saveouroceans

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We can’t get enough of _projectplanet_ 🤩 He managed to swim around the Isle of Wight in just over 15 hours, beating the existing record by 10 hours, 51 minutes. Absolutely smashed it 👊🏊‍♂️ thesun
#swimiowplasticfight #ecowarrior #noplastic #saveouroceans

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OLY YOU MADE IT IN UNBELIEVABLE 15 h 9 Minutes!!!! 🤩😱😱
This is fucking awesome!
YOU make a difference in this polluted world 🌍
YOU put it out, what many people think: too much plastic in the ocean!🗑
YOU don’t stop to go for a better world. 🌍
I’m blown away from this record and your strength! 🔋
Go further an believe that more people act and think like you. 🙋‍♀️🙋🙋‍♂️👶👯
We nee definitely more OLY’s in this world. ♻️💚🚮🌍
Thank you for this amazing swim 🏊‍♂️
Also a big thank you to turnthetidecornwall for let us taking part of this amazing swim. 🙏🏻 and of course for pushing Oly to this record.

Please support Olys project in his bio!

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Another great bit of coverage from iwightradio of _projectplanet_ 's triumphant swim around the Isle of Wight. 🏊👏 Oly put himself through months of relentless training, fueled by his passion for the environment and the fight against plastic pollution. He has received great support from the public and media outlets so far and has already raised over £5,000 for anti-pollution charities. If you'd like to support him, head to _projectplanet_ and you'll see his JustGiving page linked in the bio 🔗

#swimiowplasticfight #ecowarrior #veganswimmer #savetheplanet #noplastic

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Not only did he do it, he absolutely smashed it! _projectplanet_ completed his 65-mile swim around the Isle of Wight last night in a record breaking time of just over 15 hours 🙌 🏊The money he has raised (and still is raising!) will go to local anti-pollution charities, so if you'd like to donate, search ‘plasticfight’ on the JustGiving website. Fantastic job Oly, we are all so proud of you here at Warrior ☺️👏

#swimiowplasticfight #ecowarrior #veganswimmer #savetheplanet #noplasticwaste

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15 hours and 9 minutes to swim 48 mile! Only blown the bloody doors off the record. Here are some of Oly’s awesome #swimiowplasticfight team dropped off in Hamble this morning… me, Sophy, Scott, Alan, Craig and Kester… ...

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We are extremely proud sponsors of Olly _projectplanet_ Isle of Wight Swim 2021!!

Yesterday he swam solo around the Island to raise essential funding to help clean up our oceans.

Well done mate!!

To donate please search ‘plasticfight’ I’m Just Giving or drop your donations off in store


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Just passing Bembridge Lifeboat station with 2.5 miles to go after 13h40 swimming… old record 21 hours, so quite extraordinary progress by Oly so far, and still feeling strong! #swimiowplasticfight ...

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