#swimIOWplasticfight 2021

65 mile solo swim around the Isle of Wight! Completed in a record time of 15hrs 9mins guinnessworldrecords

The swim started & finished in the vicinity of Seaview and was
65 miles long. Thanks to the incredible team effort Oly was able to complete the swim in record time. Scott Dawson, who successfully completed the swim in 2016 (in around 26hrs) and world record holding sailor Brian Thompson.The pair worked together on Scotts 2016 swim and have invaluable knowledge on the tides around the island. Kayaker and good friend Roy Beal also played a huge roll and kayaked the entire distance.

Olys training plan was written out by Marc Newman, a highly respected and multiple record holding open water swimmer (who also happened to be Olys coach in his early days as a sucessful club swimmer).

Isle of White Swim 2021#swimIOWplasticfight