Recently I have set up a small workshop where I am able to process some of the plastic waste we collect on our beach cleans. Fishing crates, ghost nets and various other items I am now able to create useful, long lasting and thought provoking products.

Coasters – Drinks coasters made from our beach collected plastics. Various colours & patterns available.

Swimming Paddles – You have perhaps guessed by now i am rather into my swimming so as soon as the workshop was up and running I set to work designing some custom paddles. After much testing and tweaking i am now able to offer a range of swimming hand & finger paddles.

Please head over to my Etsy store for the full range of products and current stock. All items are made from our very own beach collected plastics and bottle top from the awesome Win on Waste It will come as no surprise that all items will be sent in fully reusable, recyclable and plastic free packaging. 


Send us your plastic?

I am currently only processing HDPE which is marked with a number 2 in a triangle. Please contact me if you have some clean plastics you would like to donate to the project.

Below are some images of the items i am making