In May 2022, Oly Rush successfully completed a world first nonstop swim around the entire Island of Grand Cayman in 36hrs 59 mins! His feat raised awareness to help combat plastic pollution. In partnership, Plastic Free Cayman & Project Planet hosted a series of community events leading up to the record-breaking swim.

These efforts raised vital funds to keep individuals on the ground actively fighting plastic pollution in the Cayman Islands. The swim raised $25,000 for Plastic Free Cayman and £10,000 for Project Planet to help towards future projects/swims.

Oly visited numerous schools and government organisations helping to shed light on this issue and has helped bring back the single-use plastic ban to the surface.

This project educated and raised awareness, encouraging people to take action against this destructive force that affects all of our lives.


This year’s swim raised vital funds for…

Plastic Free Cayman to take on a part-time (or full-time) employee. This will enable the volunteer led organisation to make their outreach go even further and to be able to extend education, raise awareness and take action to help reduce single-use plastic in the Cayman Islands.

The islands of the Caribbean know how bad the situation has become. PFC
makes a huge impact but until governments take note and create laws this kind of work is vital for the habitat, it’s life and the beauty of these islands

Previous coverage

Oly’s swims have been covered by various media outlets including Sky news and the BBC. Interviews can be found on Oly’s Instagram page or simply google Oly Rush.

Oly’s social media presence is growing and his influence in the world of social media will be vital in raising awareness to fight against plastic pollution.

The Grand Swim 2022 #thegrandswim