Project Planet

Inspiring conscious living through awareness swims, beach cleans & keeping it real. #OceanGump

The Grand Swim

World first 37 hour non-stop swim around Grand Cayman

Swim IOW Plastic Fight

World’s fastest solo swim raising money for Clean Jurrasic Coast

Swim Jurassic

100 mile swim that started it all

“Plastic pollution is widespread, and I have an overwhelming urge to do as much as I can to clean it up and implement change”

– Oly Rush

This year’s CHALLENGE 2022

In May 2022, Oly Rush completed a world first non-stop swim around the entire Island of Grand Cayman to raise awareness of plastic pollution. This swim raised $25,000 for Plastic Free Cayman as well as £10,000 for Project Planet to help fund beach cleans & future swims. 

Oly visited numerous schools and government organisations helping to shed light on this issue and has helped bring back the single-use plastic ban to the surface.

Previous Coverage

#Thegrandswim was covered by various media outlets including the BBC. Search ‘Oly Rush Cayman swim’ for more. 

#swimIOWplasticfight was covered by Sky News, BBC Radio Solent, BBC South Today & ITV.

#swimjurassic was covered by many media outlets including… BBC Radio Solent, various newspapers and on BBC South Today.


Interviews can be found on Oly’s instagram page